Day 11


“Give us this day our daily bread.”
(Matthew 6:11)

If we center our thoughts first on the glory of God in Who He is and the kingdom of God in our submission, then we are prepared to ask God to meet our needs.

The problem is that many of us only pray when we have a need and our prayers sound more like demands than the requests from humble servants that are aware of God’s greatness and surrendered to God’s purposes. Our prayers will change if we ever center our lives on God and God alone.

This part of our prayer life reveals that God is concerned about our smallest of needs on a daily basis. Jesus is not condoning laziness (“Well, I won’t work because God will provide it anyway”) or foolishness (“There is no need to save or be a wise steward of money because God will take care of me”). Jesus is reminding us that everything we earn was earned with the brain, the energy, and the opportunities that He gave us.

E.M. Bounds said, “As every day demands its bread, so every day demands its prayer. No amount of praying, done today, will suffice for tomorrow’s praying. On the other hand, no praying for tomorrow is of any great value for us today. Today’s manna is what we need; tomorrow God will see that our needs are supplied.”

God delights in meeting our needs. But answered prayer must never be loved more than the One we are praying to. God desires our whole heart so that when He provides in His way and in His timing He gets all the glory.

Application of God’s Truth

Sometimes our love and worship of God is conditioned upon Him answering a prayer the way we want Him to.  What “unanswered” prayer has caused you to close your heart to God?